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Landslide Mitigation

Why You Should Contact Ellisport Engineering to Help You:       

  • Experienced engineers – 25+ years
  • Landslide experts
  • Quick response
  • Great referrals
  • Best solution to your specific site problem
  • Speak plain English when talking engineering issues 


How We Can Help You:

Ellisport Engineering, Inc. has extensive experience using a wide variety of methods for addressing landslide issues.  We can help in the following ways:

  • Though we are civil/structural engineers, we have a strong background in Soil Mechanics and geology.  Therefore, we understand landslides and their causes.
  • We’re recognized as Puget Sound area engineering experts in landslide mitigation.  We have worked on a variety of landslide projects employing different structural solutions, we’ve published an international paper about debris catchment walls, and our projects are well-respected by local jurisdictions.
  • We have extensive contacts with other landslide experts, and can provide referrals to Geotechnical Engineers and experienced Contractors.
  • We understand the urgency of landslide problems and react quickly to your emergency.  We also understand life-safety and property protection, and will help counsel you to make those tough decisions.
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