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Landslides Happen When They Decide To (but the odds increase in La Nina years)

It's been many years since we've worked on a landslide project.  They seem to happen in "bunches", often (but not always) correlated to "La Nina" years.

Despite the record rains of last fall, we had no landslide or earth movement phone calls.  I was surprised.  La Nina year? Check.  Very Heavy Rains? Check. No Slides in Many Years? Check. All the planets were aligned, yet nothing.

In mid-January, 2016, we received 3 landslide calls within a week's time.  Why then?  We had heavy, but not record, rainstorms.  They happened around a full moon.  The ground was saturated apparently, The Earth Decided to Move (thank you, Carole King).

Yes, landslides are unpredictable, even to an engineer with 36 years' experience.

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