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First Floodplain Determination Completed

Eric and I just completed our first floodplain determination with our new surveying equipment. The laser level is quite accurate, and the measurements went well, balancing within 0.01' with two different setups. Our client is located on the west side of Quartermaster Harbor, below Pillsbury Beach Road on Vashon Island. He was looking at over $1200 per year for flood insurance. Our measurements showed that the first floor of his house is over 4' above the designated floodplain. Once the paperwork is processed, he will not have to pay for flood insurance. A little upfront engineering expense, will save him thousands of dollars in insurance later.

His house is a good example of a house located on locally high ground, yet included in the floodplain designation. We're certain that there are many others. For more information, see our "Floodplain Designation" button above, or give us a call.

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