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Building Recovery?

In the past couple of weeks, Eric and I have seen reasons for optimism in the building industry.  MSNBC interviewed some experts discussing that 2012 will be a better building year than 2011. Why? Record low interest rates continue, and very good profits are being reported for both Home Depot and Lowes.  The experts claim that, when Home Depot and Lowes sales are up, these are harbingers of good things to come - makes sense.


Additionally, the Wall Street Journal reported that some of the large home builders are predicting more new construction in 2012.  Why?  In select markets around the country, the housing glut inventory is nearly depleted, due to demolition, disasters, and sales.  There are still "bubble markets" like Las Vegas which will remain difficult for years to come, but many areas are ready for cautious new building.


Our experiences and gut feel are that remodeling will remain the primary residential construction work for 2012.

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